We are all dressing differently since many of us are now working from home full-time. It is not a bad life, but we still should feel good about our appearance and be comfortable at the same time. These brands give you the best of comfort and style, while giving you incentive to stay fit.

Photo Credit: Ava Eleven of https://revolvephotog.com

Launched just last year, Presyon is a luxury athletic apparel brand, primarily designed for athletes who want to perform well and look great at the same time. The brand name is inspired by the word “pressure,” and athletes who push harder to reach their goals. This line is also perfect for those of us working from home who want to look great and feel good. www.presyon.com.

Wearing fashionable activewear makes you feel good about how you look, and it is functional, so you can wear it to work out during a break or at the end of your day.

Photo Credit: Ava Eleven of https://revolvephotog.com

I can count on one hand the real clothes I have worn in the last eight months, and I am ready to transition into fall activewear. Preyson’s Jetsetter set, with long sleeve tops with matching leggings are so comfortable as well as stylish. The waist band does not cut into your skin, but provides the right amount of compression, making it perfect for sitting all day, and for working out. I especially like to wear a head to toe outfit, like this that is not just a presentable top for Zoom meetings. There is also a Go Seamless Yoga Pant that I love in gray.

Another comfortable and stylish activewear line is CRZ Yoga, with a wide range of leggings in a variety of colors, along with tops and jackets. The leggings are light and super comfortable for working all day and any workout you do in between. With affordable prices too, you can stock up on all the colors you like at www.crzyoga.com.

Brooks also offers supportive leggings that feel light when you are sitting all day. The Method 7/8 Tight and the Carbonite 7/8 Tight provide comfort and style when paired with coordinating tops and jackets. The Carbonite Tight is part of the new Run Visible collection of active wear pieces that allow you to be safe while running in the dark. The reflectors on each piece allow visibility from 600 feet away. Work all day and go out running or walking at night without changing clothes. www.brooksrunning.com..

I never thought I would spend the week in active wear, unless I was on vacation, but these brands will keep you comfortable and stylish for many seasons to come. They will also help remind you that you have no excuse not to work out. You are always ready.

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