Disclaimer: This post features item(s) received at no cost for reviewing purposes, but the opinions are mine and, as always, honest. Read the full disclosure here.

Presyon Active Apparel is an active wear brand that designs clothing for professional and everyday athletes (me being the second one, of course). The name comes from the word “pressure” and has a symbolic meaning, derived from the strength of athletes that push themselves to their maximum. However, some of their designs actually provide physical pressure. Their clothing is functional and stylish, and very comfortable. They sent me a few pieces to try on and review, and today I am sharing my view of their Infinity bamboo bra and the Travel and quick drying towel. You can also check out my previous review of their Go seamless yoga pants.


Infinity bamboo bra

I loved the Presyon yoga pants that I previously reviewed, but I love this bra even more. It is sooooo soft and comfortable, I’ve been wearing it for lounging more than anything else. However, for review purposes I wore it for workouts, too. The bra provides low to medium support, and even after an extended breastfeeding period this is enough support for me. It works great for everything except for cardio exercises – so as soon as I started using my jump rope you can see in the main image, I had to stop. But that is its only downfall. I loved it for yoga, because it provides support without too much pressure, and it moves with me.

I find the front coverage perfect. The V-neck is deep, so I don’t overheat when working out, but covers everything, and the cups are removable. The cross straps don’t dig in, but I feel them enough to get reminded to keep my back straight (I’ve always had problems with bad posture). The bra is available in small, medium and large size and comes in blue-ish gray colour.

The fabric is eco friendly and machine washable. Presyon recommends to dry it flat, however I found that since the material is double layered it takes a while for it to completely dry. I move it from the washer to the dryer and the material retains its shape and softness. I wash it in cold water and use the lowest dryer heat setting.


Travel and quick drying towel

This towel seems like such a small thing, but I seriously got excited when I received it. It’s made of nanofiber, so it’s thinner than microfiber towels (which are thin enough to start with), but absorbs more than twice it’s weight in moisture. The material is smooth but it doesn’t feel like it would rip easily. I can fold it in seconds and it fits well into the case it comes in. Trust me, there is nothing worse than getting a small case and not being able to fit the product back in. There are no such issues with this towel and case. The case itself is made of silicone and has lots of ventilation openings, so even a wet towel can be squeezed in without the fear of it getting stinky between the gym and home.

Although small, the size of the towel is just enough for wiping sweaty forehead or hands. It’s also great for traveling, because it is both small and lightweight, so I will have this in my carry on from now on. Since I’m not really a gym person, at the moment this is attached to my stroller with the handy carabiner clip that comes with the case, because washing hands on the go is the new normal thing (but really, it should’ve been normal before the pandemic, too).

This towel seriously dries quickly. The first time I washed it by hand, wrought it out and line dried, and it was dry in less than half an hour. It’s just the perfect little towel. It’s available in pink (pictured here), blue and green.

presyon quick drying and travel towel in hand

It’s rare for me to try multiple products from a brand and love all of them, but here we are. I definitely need more of these comfy bras, so I can wear them for workouts and lounging, and the towels are so handy, I can imagine many uses for them. Both of these products are available on Presyon website, and retail prices are as follows (in USD):

What is the most comfortable workout bra you’ve ever had? Do you like classic or cross straps on a bra? Do you use quick drying towels when working out?

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